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Becue was born with the specific purpose of putting technology at the service of billiards. Research and development are the pillars on which Becue is founded.

We are a company specialized in the processing of carbon and composite fibers applied to billiards. Our goal, therefore, was not and is not to create just an extraordinary carbon shaft for our players but to put them in the ideal conditions to try a unique experience with total carbon equipment.


Full carbon fiber products

We are the only company that makes its cue butts in a single piece completely in carbon fiber

Advance technology

We are specialists in materials, carbon and composite fibers in particular. These "fabrics", wisely used, allow us to develop infinite combinations, all aimed at the same purpose: innovate.

Suitable for any type of game

We offer a multitude of shafts and carbon products, able to adapt and match the needs of the individual player

Made in Italy

Our products are developed and built in Italy with a unique and exclusive design after years of research.