All Becue products are designed to last over time and do not require maintenance different from that of a common pool cue or shaft. On the contrary, the materials with which our products are built often guarantee less frequent maintenance needs.

Shaft cleaning

For the daily cleaning of the Becue shafts it is recommended to use the Becue Degreaser for a deep cleaning or Becue Cleaner for a quick cleaning during all your game session, discover more here: MAINTENANCE & CARE.

Tip replacement

Although the tip replacement does not have particular needs or precautions compared to a conventional shaft, we recommend to contact a professional installer for the replacement of the tip. You can find one of ours recommended repair center in our dealer page.
The shaft performance and its mechanical characteristics are guaranteed if the thickness of the ferrule is equal to or greater than 2.5 mm.
The reduction in thickness below 2.5 mm will invalidate the guarantee.

Butt cleaning

For the daily cleaning of the Butt and every part of it, it is recommended to use a cloth simply soaked in water and neutral soap.
Avoid solvents, alcohol or any other aggressive product.


The maintenance of the cue or any component thereof, carried out in contravention of the foregoing, will invalidate the warranty against any damage caused by inadequate or not expressly cited procedures.
For any doubt, support or request regarding ordinary or extraordinary maintenance, please contact our technical support team in the appropriate link on the site.
We will be happy to answer you in 24 hours.