Becue was founded in April 2016 by Alessandro Bressan and Michele Carniel as the culmination of the research and development work on composite materials applied to the game of billiards, carried out in previous years.
Both founders are in fact players and pool passionate and they came into contact with this world very early, as children, by attending the pool halls and participating in many tournaments and championships. In 2010, after using a multitude of traditional wooden cues and shafts, the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčovercoming the natural limits of these products through the use of composite fibers began to emerge, trying, as first intention, to overcome the decay in performance of wood over time.
The key reasoning is basic simple: all sports that involve the use of equipment have introduced materials and techniques that are very different from their origin, think of skis, tennis rackets or golf clubs. Billiards seemed to be "relegated" to using only wood.

Alessandro Bressan

Alessandro Bressan

Alessandro, Becue's founding partner and Sales Manager, mainly deals with the commercial development of the company and the corporate brand. Much importance is paid to after-sales, which in Becue means direct contact with the customer to receive feedback and food for thought for continuous improvement.

Michele Carniel

Michele Carniel

Michele, founding partner and Technical Manager of Becue, is mainly dedicated to the study and development of products. In close contact with production and strategic suppliers, he takes care of the creative process from prototyping to product development. His passion and knowledge of the game of billiards are of fundamental importance, making product development targeted and timely.

The common thread that unites the idea to the creation of the first prototypes (year 2012) is innovation.

Innovating with passion becomes the true corporate mission, a sort of mantra repeated and constantly applied. The other fundamental pillar of Becue is the end customer, the user of our products. The player is placed by Becue at the center of each decision. Indeed, our products must not simply be unique in terms of performance and design, but above all must return a memorable experience to the player . Owning a Becue product means entering into the corporate spirit, it means touching a product with extraordinary performance and a unique design.

Our goals for the future

  • Continue to combine maximum performance with Becue's unique and exclusive design.
  • Offering more and more space to the end user, through strategies that involve them more and more actively in the evolution of products.
  • Continue the internationalization of the Becue brand through an even more widespread network of resellers and promoters.
  • Increase the already considerable budget dedicated to research and development of new products.
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