Becue was born with the specific purpose of putting technology at the service of billiards.Research and development are the pillars on which Becue is founded.

We are specialists in materials, carbon and composite fibers in particular

These ‚Äúfabrics‚ÄĚ, wisely used, allow us to develop infinite combinations, all aimed at the same purpose: innovate.

Innovating for Becue mainly means 3 things:
  1. Offer the customer the best product on the market in terms of performance and feeling
  2. Combine technical solutions with a unique and refined design
  3. Constantly pursue research and development on our products. For this reason, our philosophy is to consider each new product as an excellent starting point for the next

Becue is the first company in the world to provide its customers, in addition to carbon fiber shafts, also with butts, thanks to the application of an years-long study that has also made it possible to introduce the innovative LEONARDO BALANCE SYSTEM.


Aurora front end technology

The patented Aurora system is responsible of the drastic reduction of the shaft mass at the tip and, thanks to the materials chosen for its construction, which guarantee rigidity and low deformability, ensures a consistent transfer of energy during shots. The quality of the materials used for the construction of the AURORA system also allows us to be able to use it, with the appropriate dimensional changes, on our shaft models, regardless of the lamination or the tip diameter.

Aurora front end

High performance

The AURORA system, integrated with our tips, is therefore the fundamental component that guarantees a very low deflection in all game situations, regardless of the stroke power. And this is the real innovation. Offer to the end user a tool that maintains its mechanical and performance characteristics almost unchanged regardless of the type of shot.

Carbon fiber cue butt

A great challenge for Becue was to be able to also make his own butts in a single piece completely in carbon fiber. This need arose from the desire to create something unique and highly technological, something that could fill the structural deficiencies of wood and at the same time improve its mechanical and performance characteristics. The mechanical performance is immediately significantly improved, thanks to the wise technique of orientation of the fibers used for the butt construction. Years of studies, laboratory and practical tests have allowed us finding a way, thanks to the arrangement of the materials, to direct the forces that stress butt during the game phases.

Cue butt

Cue butt

To offer our customers the best possible playing experience, we have fine-tuned a cue butt that, unlike wood, does not absorb longitudinal forces, ensuring maximum transmission of the stroke energy to the cue ball. At the same time, carbon with appropriately oriented fibers has the extraordinary advantage of absorbing and dissipating axial forces, mitigating the vibrations perceived on the player's hand and increasing the level of perceived solidity.

Carbon lamination

Carbon lamination

Another great result obtained through the exclusive full carbon lamination with which Becue builds its carbon butts, is to get a product that is not affected in any way by changes in temperature and / or humidity. Whoever owns a Becue product has the guarantee of not only owning a product able of lasting over time but also of maintaining game performance unchanged and constant.

LBS - Leonardo Balance System by Becue

Leonardo Balance System

Each object conceived and made in Becue must reflect the company's philosophy, that is innovate without losing sight of practicality and design. The new Leonardo Balance System perfectly combines all these characteristics. Our balancing system was born with the specific purpose of being:

  • Quick
  • Intuitive
  • Easy to use
  • Easily transportable
  • Usable in any situation

It often happens that overnight a player finds himself needing to change the weight of his cue in order to adapt himself and his cue to the cloth or balls, or the game he is playing at or simply because that day he need a different feeling with the cue.

Weights and precision

Becue wanted to simplify the weight changing operation by eliminating the multitude of screws to screw, unscrew or even cut, used in traditional cues on the market. With Becue's exclusive LBS system, thanks to the use of CNC-built weights and a plug-in fastening system, the player will not only be able to perform the weight change operation in seconds, but will be able to achieve a level of precision and customization never get before.

LBS Weight Kit

The LBS Weight Kit enable increasing the cue weight from 0.25 oz to 1.90 oz in extremely small increments. Furthermore, the LBS system is perfectly compatible with all Becue play cues and break cues. From now on you no longer have to be a cuemaker to adapt YOUR cue to YOUR game.

Carbon Shafts, different models to adapt different needs and playing styles

Becue is a company specialized in the processing of carbon and composite fibers applied to billiards. Our goal, therefore, was not and is not to create just an extraordinary carbon shaft for our players, but to put them in the ideal conditions to try a unique experience with a carbon total equipment.
In fact, our play shafts are not one the evolution of another, but each one represents a different game option. They have different characteristics from each other to adapt to different gaming needs and player needs. Becue does not offer a single shaft that will satisfy the needs of every player, this will be impossible. Becue is proud to offer a multitude of shafts and carbon products, able to adapt and match the needs of the individual player, who can evaluate and choose them consciously based on their skills and expectations of the game.

Carbon fiber

Carbon fiber

Building a carbon fiber product means mastering all aspects of using this material. It means creating the perfect lamination for that type of product. Lamination refers not only to the raw material of which the fibers and layers are made but also to the orientation of the fibers, the weight and the thikness of the fabric used, the percentage of resin used and the type of texture. The combinations are almost infinite and by changing a single variable or not mastering the process perfectly it is very easy to completely overturn the product, passing from excellence to mediocrity.

Special experience

Special experience

This is why it is essential to turn to specialists like Becue. Years of laboratory test, practical test and hundreds of samples wasted before arriving at the first Becue shaft, have allowed us to accumulate extraordinary experience in the use of these materials with extraordinary potential. We have acquired a unique working and development method, which involves technicians and players hand in hand, that are Becue's mind and arm.

Becue know-how

This is why Becue is the only company in the world that thanks to its know-how is able to provide its customers with a catalog of shafts and carbon products with different mechanical characteristics, which are not limited to the simple tip diameter changing or the components used, but which arise from different laminations and internal structures, designed, tested and built to give the best response in the different phases of the game and, above all, to the different kind of players. This because not all players are the same.

Aerography, Not Only An Aesthetic Matter

Creating highly innovative and technological products is Becue's mission. Giving them a unique and inimitable design is in our DNA. The continuous search for harmony and simplicity of forms is the hallmark of our products. It represents the quality of made in Italy at first look. Carbon has enormous benefits from a performance point of view. In particular, Becue is the only company to offer not only play shafts but also its own enterely carbon fiber made butt.


Made by hand

From the point of view of the decorations applicable to it, it has limits, mainly linked to the need to keep unaltered the fibers of the raw material that composes the butts. Therefore, significant incisions, deep inlays and similar techniques, can seriously compromise the performance and the feeling with the product.
In addition to this fundamental aspect, however, there was our firm will to offer our customers something innovative and extraordinarily unique. Here, after a multitude of feasibility studies and practical attempts, we were able to identify the most suitable and performing solution in airbrushing.
The particular conical shape of the cues combined with the desiredchromatic effects do not allow the use of serial masking or mechanized work. Each individual airbrushed butt is therefore worked, by a decorative point of view, entirely by hand, in a meticulous and absolutely planned process in every phase.
All the airbrushes, from the cues on the website catalog to the custom ones, are made entirely by hand by a professional airbrush painter who boasts collaborations with the most important brands of Italian design. This has allowed us over the years to satisfy even the most demanding customers by creating real "challenges" of customization.

If you wish to submit your custom graphics, do not hesitate to send the request.

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