Welcome to Becue’s core philosophy.  Starting from day one we have put every player at the center of our goals. Our Becue family is made up of Pros and Ambassadors always happy to share their experiences using our products.
Being part of the Becue family means loving the sport and contributing to its current and future growth. Thanks to the feedback we receive every day we're committed to providing billiard players with cutting-edge equipment.
This continuous input of feedback from players worldwide is the beating heart of the company's product development.
Our sponsorship policy has always been selective and strongly oriented towards a high standard, but every day we receive dozens of requests and we will work to follow up on all qualified requests.
If you are interested in a collaboration, our evaluation criteria are:

  • Player activities: Tournaments scheduled for the current sporting year. It is essential that those requesting sponsorship are actively involved in national and international events.
  • Awards indicating current and past results achieved and year of achievement.
  • Presence within the world of billiards and ability to publish content through social media. Links to your social media pages are therefore welcome.
  • Current goals that the player has set for his sporting career.

Being introduced by someone who is already a part of our team will certainly help the application.

Our sponsorships consist of:

  • Technical equipment
  • Official match uniforms
  • Technical support
  • Economic support calibrated on the real ability to promote the sales of Becue products

If you meet our evaluation criteria we will be happy to consider your request.

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